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Experience Two MK II – Tube Integrated Amplifier

At Trafomatic Audio we never sit still and rest on the past glories. As technology moves forward we’re searching for the new solutions and refinements that can push the sound and performance further on and closer to the real musical experience. Even the smallest change can evoke a drastic change in the sonic behavior and while it’s easy to introduce new things, objectively elevating the original product to the higher plane is quite a task for any audio designer.

Experience Two MK II – Tube Integrated Amplifier is a step forward into the realms of pure triode sound. With no global negative feedback and direct-heated circuit, we’ve still believe how 300B remains both unique and fantastic sounding tube with no proper matching. When it comes to the purity there is very narrow path to be taken with the tube selection and 300B still holds the glories throne. Every tube connoisseur will cherish Mundorf MLytic HV type electrolytic and Mundorf coupling capacitors, point to point wiring, Van de Hul internal wiring and more.

Experience Two MK II implements special C-L-C-L -C three choke type or regulation where one choke cover both channels with additional two taking care of left and right signal path separately. We’re proud about our ways of doing things resulting in an uncompromising sound performance, following the real musical DNA. And that is what Experience Two MK II is all about.

Purity and uncompromising experience.



Output power: 2x8W
Class of operation: Single- Ended (class A)
Tubes complement: 2x 300b, 2x 6SN7, 1x 5U4G
Inputs: 4xRCA (Optionally 2xRCA , 1xXLR)
Outputs: 4 – 8 ohm
Input sensitivity: 0.5V rms THD %: 0.55% – 1W, 5% – 8W
Frequency bandwidth:10Hz-65KHz (-3dB)
S/N Ratio: 80dB
Input impedance: 100K
Power consumption: 190VA
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz( 100-120-220-240V available on request)
Size: 450×350 x230mm
Weight: 24kg

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