Vitus Audio - SM-103

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  56.000,00 €
56.000 €
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Art.Nr.: vitus-sm-103
Hersteller: Vitus Audio

Choosing a yacht is very similar to selecting an amplifier. Brilliant details like a large sturdy teak table with engraved world map that provides seating for up to 8 people surprise us. We get exited about ingenious technology like the neatly recessed main and spare anchor, which can be deployed from the helm station at the push of a button. We are overwhelmed by a sense of luxury like the soft touch leatherette throughout the boat that gives a warm and luxurious feel. Quality always comes first. Our subconscious guides us in making important decisions. Fortunately. You're sailing right into the direction of the SM-103 Mono Power Amplifier

All the seawater flows to the endless musical ocean of Vitus Audio…

Sound quality is determined with eyes and ears. It’s quite clear why we need the ears. The eyes add to the experience. The Vitus Audio SM-103 Mono Power Amplifier is an exquisite design, a lust for the eye. While looking at it when listening to music, it lets you embrace the artists even more, intensifying the way the sound taps into your soul. Taking it a step further. Treat yourself to a mind-blowing experience, far beyond ‘fidelity’. Engage in something you’ve never experienced before. Unlock the passion and be inspired by every note. Each part of these power amplifiers was closely and carefully examined and refined, over and over. The result? Vitus Audio created real musical instruments capable of revealing the smallest details in the recording. They can deliver up to 100 Watts in Class A, enabling the enthusiast to enjoy real subtle music playback.

Integration, balance, performance. Three words that best describe the essence of the SM-103 Mono Power Amplifier.
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