Thivan Labs - 833 SUN Endstufe Mono Block

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Thivan Labs - 833 SUN Endstufe Mono Block
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Single-ended SUN-833 is a 3-blocked amplifier comprising:

– 1 Driving Stage (Pre and Driving stage): This block acts as the pre stage in combination with the driving stage to drive an 833 tube:

+ 3 Input gates: 2 RCA and 1 XLR

+ Volume and input selector

+ Fully integrated remote control

– 2 Power Stages (Power stage with an 833 tube): the 833 tube drives the Single-ended Class-A circuit

+ High quality toroidal transformer

+ Carefully designed source with a choke and an oil cap

+ Filter selection switch (Yes or No)

* Highlighted features of Ampli 833 Anniversary for distinctive sound:

– 130W/ch. Capacity

– Sound reproduced by an 833 tube: powerful, pleasing, yet soft and melodic

– Details and space to master the essence of sound reproduction

– Clear and smooth mid-range sound

– Luxurious design, sustainable high quality wooden cabinet, imported CNC aluminum surfaces; the 833 tube’s protective components create a masculine look for the product and ensures safety and heat protection.

** This set of amplifiers is a great partner for many types of loudspeakers, especially high-end ones, broadcasting the most authentic and refined sound!

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