Lector VM-200 Hybrid Endstufe

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Art.Nr.: VM-200
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Lector VM-200 Hybrid Endstufe
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Stereo hybrid Amplifier

Lector proudly introduces the all new VM200 hybrid power amplifier featuring an innovative direct coupled circuit from tube to mosfet. No any coupled capacitors is on signal path!
This new concept offers a transparent and rich dinamics sounds performance.

A lot of new innovative technologies and solution has this power amplifier rathed as 100 w per channel:
-only two stages from input to output (first stage by triode and second stage by pentode)
- dc coupled design from tube to mosfet without any capacitors!
- triode / pentode tube driving the mosfet  in pure class A
- low feedback design set to only at 10% db

The power supply employ four stages  and  two  toroidal power supply : shunt regulator for tube , hi-energy reservor capacitors for output mosfet, also the tube-filaments are supply on d.c. for lowest noise floor ! The electronics and mechanical parts  are selected as  all premium grade components : polypropylene capacitors, toroidal hi-energy power transformer (2) , metal foil and tantalium resistors, 1.5 mm tickness steel chassis box, 8 mm tickness plexiglass front panel.

For better quality sound reproduction the output device don't use any type of protection  as limiting the current so it’s possible to drive low impedance loudspeakers with very good stability and energy power reservor . VM-200 : smooth musical and true natural reproduction.
Sonic performance delivers pure enjoyment: thanks to the direct signal drive mosfet regulator by tube circuits. What you listen is just the sound of your favourite tubes operating with exceptional linearity in a class A gain stage.
We can spend many words trying to describe its purity, its great dynamics, its airy soundstage, its accurate imaging, its ability to resolve the subtle details and many other outstanding qualities of this power amplifier. But we prefer to simply invite you to listen to it and to trust more what your hear.


Unit description:   Stereo tube line level preamplifier with 5 inputs,2 main outputs, passive volume out, tape out, htd output

Tube active circuit:   PCL-86 / 14 GW 8   (2 tubes)

Frequency response:   20-50.000 Hz +/- 1 db

THD distorsion:   Less of 0.1 %

Input sensibility and gain:   200 mV / 20 db gain / 50 kohm input

Output voltage and impedance:   20 Volt @ 250 ohm

Power supply main:   100V/120V/230V ac 70 V/A

Dimension, weight (net):   400 (L) x 110 (H) x 400 (D)  Kg.20


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