Etsuro Urushi - Transformer ET-U50 MC-Überträger

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Art.Nr.: Transformer ET-U50
Hersteller: Etsuro Urushi

The core part of the transformer is installed with "EX Type" 78% permalloy core having superb inductance property, achieving to create a wide performance range. Likewise, the shield case chose to use the same material in order to aim for the decrease in the noise components.
"Damping material, Sorbothane" carrying high vibration absorbing characteristics located on the transformer support, effectively works to improve the distortions of the sound.
The outer base and aluminum housing applied by the Japanese traditional craft "URUSHI・漆" lacquering presents a beautiful shine and texture art, which also contributes to the overall rigidity. Each piece is hand lacquered by the traditional craftsmen creating an artistic work of art.
Type: MC-Step Up Transformer(ET-U50)
Frequency response: 10Hz ~150KHz
Step-Up Ratio: 26dB
Compatible cartridge impeadance: 2 - 10Ω
Recommended Load Impeadance: 47KΩ
Channel Balance: <0.5dB
Dimensions: 95(W) x 85(H) x 135(D) mm
Weight: 530g
Content: Warranty card (with instruction manual)
Box Material: Dressing box
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