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Art.Nr.: Canalot
Hersteller: Heed

The Canalot is akin to a nice black brick on steroids. The classic design of Heed Modular devices meets the high-tech solutions of the digital world and in addition, our unique speaker driving system.
If you are not into the many-box hi-fi racks or space-eating speakers and amplifiers, Canalot provides a nice alternative.
Like the Canamp, this is also a two-stage amplifier, and has a pure class-A output stage as well. But similarities end here. Canalot is a rare piece amongst the headphone amplifiers with its RC-coupled output.
It almost works like our Transcap-technology amplifiers, conveying all of their benefits. Of course, the power delivery system is tuned to the lower demands of the headphones.
Nice connectivity is always a pleasure. The Canalot can utilize our DAC and USB cards, and can work like a 192 kHz / 24 bit capable digital-analogue converter with either a computer or any S/PDIF-output sources.

-benötigt zumindest ein X-PSU für den Betrieb

– analogue, S/PDIF digital and USB 2.0 inputs
– upgradeable digital card system
– 2 headphone connectors
– capacitor-coupled output
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